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  1. As you have VersaMax PLCs and Ethernet, the PLCs are, hopefully communicating using Ethernet Global Data (EGD). This is very well documented in Proficy (Cimplicity) ME software. I suggest that you get a copy of one of the other PLCs and study the EGD configuration, you will need the layout of all of them anyway to tie yours into the system. I think that you will find EGD very easy and efficient to configure and use. You can use any of the data types, %I, %Q, %G, %M, %R, etc. The important thing to remember is that this is NOT AB or S, so learn what 'tools' you have from GE Fanuc, Proficy ME, EGD, and how the hardware is controlled by these tools before you "assume" anything. It is all very logical, straight forward and works very well when done as designed. You may want to start by getting your GE SSO from and searching for VersaMax and EGD to download the hardware manuals.

  2. I have never seen the GE Fanuc Ethernet specifications in an online manual. However, they call it GE SRTP and it is very similar to SNP packets over ethernet. You can get a good feel for what the PLC is expecting and how it reacts by reading GFK-1541, which is available from GE Fanuc's web site. You will be better served by purchasing the Developers Tool kit by contacting your local GE Fanuc dealer, or there are several people who sell OCX and OPC kits that range from $0-$1000. GE Fanuc is happy to sell the specs, to even competitors as this also promotes GE Fanuc PLC usage.

  3. You'r right, Quickdesigner 3.7 is the current version, it is not available online but you can get a Demo version from your local GE Fanuc distributor or representative. Check for who that may be.

  4. Where ar you located? It may not work outside the US. If you are outside North America there should be an Asian and European equivalent. Please contact your local GE Fanuc representative for help.

  5. Sorry, I do not but this is open source code, you may make it do anything that you want. If you do not have the time or knowledge, I would suggest hiring someone. Maybe if someone has already done this change they would be willing to share it. As stated in the documents that come with this file, it is not supported by GE Fanuc.

  6. Probably never well fully (everything registerd in XP), as even CE.NET does not have all of the APIs. You will need ActiveX written for CE.NET and supported by the Vendor's embed. I do not know when or what GE Fanuc plans for this.

  7. No, only a Call that is used just for setting up a Comm_Req, or doing just Math, or some other functions that are better used with 1_Shots. You still need to remember that any coils turned "ON" in a Called Block will stay on if the the Block is no longer called.