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  1. On 12/4/2017 at 7:43 PM, jncontrols said:

    Will this software suite upload a program from a  series 90 micro plc programmed in 1999

    I have no idea what suite of software programmed it I just know that I couldn't upload code from it kept getting error of  the selected memory couldn't be uploaded from the connected device

    is that because of a password or program was written in a suite that isn't supported by Proficy 9.5?

    I don't need to upload as I rewrote the code and got it going but there are 30 more and would like to know my options for moving the customer forward.

    thanks I'm sorry for asking some basic questions to you GE guys but geographically we never see a GE until I found these or they found me 

    thanks for looking

    If they were programmed in Ladder Logic then PME 9.5 certainly "should" work to upload from an old Series-90 Micro without error if programmed with one of the 'normal' GE packages either LogicMaster90 or VersaPro. PME 9.50 would not work if programmed with some third party 'ware or Cimplicity Control. Also to download to them you will need to update the firmware to the latest, IIRC version 3.10.

  2. Instead of looking for additional help use the Online Help in Proficy ME.

    ~ Open a project
    ~ Go to 'View' > Toolchest
    ~ LD Instructions
    ~ Under Timers select the type* of 'Timer' you want and press F1 for details and examples.

    * If you make sure that the "Companion Window" is open as you do this it will give a brief description.

    ** Be sure to pay attention to "Supported CPUs" as the one you have does not support every Timer in PME.


  3. On 7/17/2017 at 3:13 PM, Jimbravo said:

    Hi Russ,

       Thanks for the response. Without having been to the site yet, what I know so far is that they are using a GE Innovation Series controller programmed with Control Systems Toolbox; I may have incorrectly assumed this is what ControlST stood for.

    On another note; does anyone know how I could get a hold of the GE Control Systems Toolbox software? I've been in touch with numerous people at GE and three of my local distributors, and no one seems to be able to have a way for me to purchase or download this.

    The people here will be able to help with that:


  4. " so is there any way to leave the DC drives without changing and change only the PLC ?  "

    I believe that given enough time and money there is always a way, however, as Steve indicated it will likely be more efficient to update all of the 25+ year old hardware rather than spending time and money to interface it now only to be forced to replace it when it could quit working at any moment.


  5. I give you the same answer:

    It sounds like your supplier gave you a price for the "LD PLC Professional", ask for Proficy Logic Developer PLC Standard instead. Get a demo DVD of Proficy ME from them too or call GEIP for one, it will run for 4 days after each install of the software. GE-IP can also give you a 30 day trial license, after you get the Demo DVD and install the software call them: Try this link: Or:

  6. Rough cost is about $600 USD at the low end which does not include RX3i PAC and $3000 which does.

    Contact GE or your dealer for a quote. They are also very liberal with their 'Trial Licenses', just ask.

  7. You should have started a new post for this.

    The latest version for that unit is "V1_Build21"  so I suggest you update it and try again.

    From this page choose the link labeled: "Firmware update for QuickPanel+ 10", 12", and 15" with Windows CE.NET v7.00 (Windows Embedded Compact 7)"
    And if you mean that your Proficy ME is version 7 Build 2824, update it too.

    You only give us half the information, if you have a GE PAC CPU set the variables in it to Type REAL and in the QuickPanel Type LREAL.  Please read the QP documentation for details of why.



  8. I have worked with GE Industrial products and networks since 1989 and have never heard of that C'net.

    Could it be CCM, it's been around since the early 1980's?