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  1. If you actually have a system that is so important to need redundant controllers, you need to add another encoder to the system to get a 100% reliable redundant position. Also I would never use a servo motor that did not have its own encoder or is this only needed for speed control?
  2. Comunication RX3i - sinamics s120

    Not enough information for me to help with this. Have you asked the supplier of the s120 what it would take?
  3. How to power series six modules on bench?

    R I P Good old Series 6, best 4-bit PLC ever made! R I P
  4. Failed Series 6 PLC

    I can't really feel sorry for you as you had since 2012 to replace it. There comes a time when every one of us needs to retire and give our jobs to the next generation. And the Series 6 is at lest three generations old.
  5. How to power series six modules on bench?

    There may be a manual here:
  6. Analog signal generators

    Sorry but I don't have time to do all of your research for you.
  7. PLCTalk:
  8. Ladder to Functional Block

    My tip is that you forget about trying to 'convert' as most Ladder Logic is poorly writen and mostly diagnostics which is better put into a separate piece of the FBD. Build the Function Block Diagram from the begginning starting with a good sequence of operations for each part or section of the machine or process you are working with and for the 'control' only. Once the control is done then add the diagnostics using parallel FBDs whenever possible, this will greatly increase all troubleshooting in the future.
  9. IMHO, State Programmaing is best for nearly all discrete applications and the most efficient way for building these is with SFC where each Function can be written in any of the available programming languages to take advantage of their strengths.
  10. Which Fluke loop calibrator?

    There is considerable differenc in the physical specs between the 787 and 789. The 789 uses 4 AA batteries instead of 1 9VDC battery. The 789 is nearly 50% heavyier and considerably larger too. IMHO, the the 789 is a better value but the 787 simpler to use and easyier to store.
  11. Controls with no travel jobs

    However it has put you on the "Edge of Insanity"
  12. How to transfer program from old HMI to new HMI GE Fanuc

    If the new unit is a QuickPanel View IC754VSI06MTD as well as the old one you are replacing a broken unit with an obsolete unit. The latest replacement for this is a 6" Color unit IC755CxS06RDx, see this for more information, (under $1k) less money too. Uses the same Proficy ME View Software, but you may need the latest version. The bad news is that if the original was done by an OEM there is about a 33% chance that either the program cannot be uploaded out of the unit or it is password protected. Do you know who originally did it and the status of that?
  13. Virtual Guidelines

    1. VirtualBox is not an OS it is a virtual environment to run your needed OS, if that is XP, you will still need XP. 2. Do not use Active Directory. 3. Yes 4. Yes separate for each manufacturer and for major program versions. 5. No, just make sure that the VM's are large enough, drive space and RAM is cheap enough, do not skimp on it. 6. Probably. These
  14. Linux Based Controller

    All of the current GE-IP Controllers currently produced have a Linux based OS, from Wind River IIRC. The programming software, Proficy ME is Windows based.
  15. ladder diagram for speed measurement

    Sorry but I do not do home-work for others. Please read your assignment then try.
  16. If using the same protocol and cable then the most logical problem would be that the port parameters of the new processor were not set the same as the old one.
  17. Before I switched to a USB to Ethernet adapter, I too used NetSetMan free version. It worked fine except for on Virtual machines, that was quite a while back so it may have changed.
  18. For the QuickPanel you will need either QuickDesigner software, which is VERY old and will not run on Windows 7 or Proficy ME View. Either can be purchased from GE-IP. The cable you will need is GE-IP part number HMI-CAB-C49. Contact your local dealer for more information.
  19. Versamax I/O Network Interface for Ethernet Module

    Verify: ~ that all modules are securely plugged into their proper place ~ add good DIN end stops ~ check all power sources for good solid voltage and connections ~ make sure that you are using a power supply with "Expanded 3.3 VDC" ~ look at the 'faults' going into the CPU, they may give you a hint ~ use the "PACsAnalyzer" software tool in Proficy, it too may pick up a hint for you
  20. PLC vs PAC

    As is a digital watch, although it may have limited functions.
  21. Stumped!

    Looks like it is time to hire a programmer.
  22. The nicest one I ever seen had banks of toggle switches that were 'NO' and held Closed in the up position but momentary in the down position and wired to Spring terminals which were quick and easy to attach nearly anything to.
  23. I suggest that you contact your local Beckhoff support.
  24. How can i open versMax program in LM 90-30

    As Steve said, with my tweak: We are assuming that when you say "The program develop in VersaMax..." you mean to say VersaPro as VersaMax is different PLC hardware not software.