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  1. THANK YOU Well that solved my problem that never existed. It was my wiring as I did not apply power to the dc output groups. I feel like a doofus but at the same time pretty dang happy. Thanx to everyone here. I saw this diagram and the first thing that popped into my mind was "of course" what was I thinking, I was not. I jumpered all of the 24vdc on the dc outputs I am using and wah lah. Again, thanx alot gentlemen!
  2. Thanks for replying. The micrologix 1400 can be expandable but it has a 24 volt power supply to power relays in the field and I am just powering a field device simulator toggles, led pushbuttons for Input and Output which I know it can do. Its part of an online class I am doing. My problem is the leds in the push buttons wont even light up and looking further the lugs them selves do not have a voltage present. I tried forcing them all on and take readings but to no avail. I think I am going to return it for an exchange.
  3.  I am very green at this and learning online as I have purchased a brand new Micrologix 1400 1766L32BXBA. I am pulling my hair out as I cannot even power an LED or for that matter get any 24 volt reading from the outputs via program. I have even forced them on so shouldnt I be able to see something? I am connected via Ethernet ,Rslinx in concert with using Micro starter software (not lite) and the unit does not show any faults and is in the run mode. I can see the bits forced on the software and on the unit's LCD screen in I/O status. Is there a way to trouble shoot if the unit is bad or I am overlooking something incredibly simple. I do not have any floating inputs or outputs with the common from the power supply and the unit is properly grounded all nice and tidy on a din rail. Like I said I am very new at this so I am sorry if this is a bad question.