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  1. CQM1-CIF02 Cable

    Ok, Thanks
  2. CQM1-CIF02 Cable

    Need your help please.. I need to make an extension for my programming cable. I tried to open the RS232 side and it has 7 wires. Do I need to use/connect all these wires or only 3 wires. Thanks, Ranzel
  3. Cx-Programmer Error

    Please help. There is an error when I create a new project in CX programmer. A screen pop-up saying "please wait while windows configure cx-one" But, when i open an existing project, there is no error. I am using CXone version 1.0 and windows xp pro sp2.
  4. Average Function

    Hi, I figured out my problem. Eventhough I mapped the AVG in expansion instruction, I did not include the expansion instructions in transferring the program to the PLC . Thanks gtsuport. It is now working.
  5. Average Function

    Hi, I try to use 0.1 sec pulse as the execution condition but I can't get any value on D. Attached is my program. thanks avg.cxp
  6. Average Function

    Hi, Ok, thanks. I'll try it.
  7. Average Function

    HI, Thanks gtsupport. I tried to use 0.01seconds and 1sec , but still can't get any value in D. Does the N, no. of cycles refer to the #pulses (0.01sec) in the execution condition or it is the #cycles of the PLC? thanks
  8. Protected Plc

    Hi, First thing to do is contact the person who do the programming, maybe he has some reason why he protect it. If he is nowhere to be found and it is badly needed to upload the program then try to contact an Omron representative in your country. They know how to upload the program in a protected PLC. I had talked before with an Omron representative and she says the password is stored in a data memory which she didn't tell me. She told me to contact them if ever I encountered a password protected PLC and they will do the uploading.
  9. Average Function

    Hi, This is related to my previous post in scaling. Thank you guys for helping me. I have my analog values scaled and display in NS8, but it fluctuates quite rapidly. I try to use avg function, but I can't make it work. I used DM200(contains the scaled value) as S and N=#0064 and D=DM2000 I ca'nt get any value in D. I used P_on as the execution condition and also try P_1s. Can you please tell me what is wrong with my program, or any other way to average my value to lessen the fluctuation. thanks
  10. Scaling In Cqm1h

    Hi, I had figured out what is wrong with my program, why I can't scaled in value greater than 900. I mixed up data type, I used &xxxx instead of #xxxx in my scaled vaue. I scaled my value to 0 - 9999 and put 2 integers and 2 dec. in NS and it is now working.. Thank you guys for all the help...This is the best place to learn PLC.. thanks rduen
  11. Scaling In Cqm1h

    Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. Sorry for not replying in this topic, it's Sunday afternoon here and I thought I could get a faster replies if I send a pm. I need to display a ##.### number in my NS8 because I will be monitoring a tank pressure which goes down to 00.096psia(00.09) maybe acceptable) and goes up to 99.00. I tried to scale my value in 0-1000 but, it is not working. It only works if my max. scaled value is up to 900 and if I display 2integers and 3 decimal, it will be displayed as 00.900. Please help.. thanks rduen
  12. Scaling In Cqm1h

    Hi, Thank you very much for your help. You guys are great.. Yes, your right, I have not much experience in PLC programming. As I've said in my first post, this is the first time I'll use this instruction. I'll try to work it from here. Thanks rduen
  13. Scaling In Cqm1h

    Sleepy Wombat, Thank you very much. I tried to connect my pressure transducer at input1of MAB42 and monitor channel 232. I'm getting a value of 1312 at room pressure. Can you give me an example of scaling values using floating point,so I can play with it and understand how this thing are done. thanks, rduen
  14. Scaling In Cqm1h

    Hi, gtsupport, thank you for your advise. Can anyone with experienced please jump in. Here is a much detailed application. I have a tank which is loaded with hermetically sealed IC's(integrated circuit,ceramic type). This tank is vacuumed down to 0.096psia(5torr).After reaching 5torr, a timer will be turned on. After 30 minutes, this tank will be filled with electronic fluid and then pressurized up to 90psia. This will dwell at 90psia minimum(no max value required, but our CDA supply is regulated at 80psig) for 30minutes. I will display the pressure value in NS8. Thank you. rduen
  15. Scaling In Cqm1h

    Hi, This is the first time i'll use scaling function. Please help me out. I have a CQM1H cpu51 with a mab42 and a pressure transducer with 4-20ma output. I need to display a 000.096 PSIA (5torr) to 100.000 PSIA value in NS8. How do I scale my input to get these values. Thanks