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  1. RSLogix 5000 firmware

    if so, then i have to downgrade my app following the version from plc. thanks for the answer, this is very helpful
  2. RSLogix 5000 firmware

    thanks for the reply I have an application with version 20.xx, if I try to take the program by upgrading the firmware from the PLC the program should be okay right? thanks before
  3. hello, I want to ask, maybe some of you know about this, I want to take a program on compactlogix but it has a firmware version 19.xx while the rslogix application I have is version 21.xx, there are several options offered by the application to be able to take the program, update the firmware in compactlogix or downgrade the rslogixku application to version 19.xx. if i upgrade the firmware in compactlogix, what about the program is the program safe or not, and if i upgrade the firmware will the program in compactlogix work properly?