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  1. HMI NS10 require Project password

    I will try. Thanks.
  2. HMI NS10 require Project password

    Can anyone help me please, I create small project and try to download into HMI NS10 but it required old project password but my company gave HMI for me , they don't remember password. Thanks
  3. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

    I use Ethernet. I connect Hmi to laptop. I set IP with same subnet mask, status ip but now when I press transfer to pt nothing happen on the screen, I didn’t see any transfer signal on screen, when I ping between laptop and Hmi, they recognized each other, they reply but no signal on screen 
  4. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

    I press as the same time and it work. I can change IP. Thanks all.  but after I download it show connecting without showing my design on screen. can people show me how to download by Ethernet cable, I adjust them the same IP address but nothing happened, usb is ok
  5. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

  6. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

    Now I only see “connecting “ word on bottom right, I can not restore to original or reset factory 
  7. NS5 HMI Connection Problem

    But now my screen now show only “ connecting “. I can not restore it to original to see that option