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  1. I am attempting to use the Stride Field I/O modules with a D0-06 PLC and an H0-ECOM100 card.  So far I am having zero luck.  I can communicate with the Field I/O with my PC and get things to turn on and off just fine.  But when I attempt to communicate with the module using the PLC I get nothing.  I was wondering if anyone has used these with success and if so, is there a sample of code that could be looked at?  I have three PLC's in a network controlling some plant functions, and we decided to add the lighting system into that plant control function.  Since our lighting controls are all over the plant, we decided that the Field I/O would be a good way to get the lights controlled from a central location.   I have had other people suggest that I change to a different PLC or add more of them, but this isn't possible due to management restraints of make do with what we have.   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.