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  1. Thanks for replying. Do you have any idea how could I rewrite it to the FX5U?
  2. Yeah, I know what counters, compares and timers are, but If you could point your eyeball to the third pic, on the comparison block, it says "HMI_DIS_PUSHER...". I don´t know if you can read or understand that, but it does references to the hmi display.  Well i don't undestand why or what it is comparing, that's why i thought it may be some kind of instruction
  3. Both the plc ( TWDLMDA20RT ) and hmi (XBTGT2330) are Schnider. I tried to read the program from the plc, but it is sealed and you can't read nor transfer information. In the images I posted it looks like the hmi must be programmed in the plc, because it has to regulate the speed of a conveyor and other things. But I tried to recreate the script in the twido suite and since I don't know how to write that information i couldn't
  4. I talk about the blocks in the program in the question, which, if you have eyes, can see in the images attached, and i insist, if you have eyes, you can see they have instructions for the hmi.
  5. Thanks for replying, I checked the programming manual (I already have had done it before, but only found the basics i/o, and m). Do you have any idea of how to label those hmi blocks?. reading the program it seems like the password and other configurations mast be also described in the script
  6. Hi, I'm currently working as an intern, and my job is to transfer the program from a schneider twido twdlmda20rt to a mitsubishi fx5u-32mr/es. The thing is, i've been in trouble trying to understand and "translate" from one plc language to another certain things, like the %MW, %SW and blocks, so if any of You could give me some advisory I'd bee fully thankful (I can't upload all the pics, so theres's the link to the folder)