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  1. Omron C200H 0x00D error

    Thanks I did read that manual. but again the memory logs don’t help much with the fault codes 
  2. Omron C200H 0x00D error

    I’m sure the special IO address is correct. it is set to machine number 0 and is coded in the IO table to 100
  3. Omron C200H 0x00D error

    ill get back to it tonight.   but from what I tried last time the IO tables will always go blank after a power cycle. I upload the Tables separately, but still no operation of the machine and the same fault listed above. How do I check the dial settings you refer too?
  4. Omron C200H 0x00D error

    Omron with a error we can not clear old machine which has a lot of different people working on if, I have been left with it like this. I would like to see if I can get it going.    0x00D0 Duplex / Special IO unit error. I see this as a CPU error but the old parts are hard to come by.    any ideas ?
  5. Why would a plc output have a toroidal / ferrite core on it? It is a output to a safety relay, ‘dc enable for Cat0’ (I know drawing States solenoid but it goes to the safety relay) there is no fault, I just want to know why. Please include reference material of possible.