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  1. .gps file help

    If they had the machine I would have them send photos, however they do not have it in their facility yet. They asked me to install a new PLC, and I asked for the code to save time. The file attached is all they provided. Now I know it is a mitsubishi, and the few encounters I have had with mitsubishi in the past GX-Works was backwards compatible. Hopefully this will be the case this time.
  2. .gps file help

    I understand, but I do not know what kind of PLC it is and that is what I was trying to figure out. A client has purchased this piece of equipment and they want me to replace the PLC in it. Thank you for the feedback.
  3. .gps file help

    Awesome, thank you. I will do that now.
  4. Hello everyone, I am working on a plc upgrade and the client provided the old code file which has the extension .gps. Can anyone tell me what type of code file this is? And second, is there anyone I could hire to open this file and create a pdf version of it for me? Thanks. Gppw.gps