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  1. "Hmmm", indeed. We have a lot of "hmmm" ourselves, haha!     Thank you very much! :) 
  2.   Yeah, you're right! I'm looking to minimise the risk as much as possible with standardised processes, a transparent price, and engineering as cost-effective and hassle-free as possible. Consulting for the beginning stages, to know what's needed, is key (we provide that as well).  We're still in the development stages of this, of course. Your comment is very helpful, though, so thank you very much for your input! 
  3. I hear a lot of people talking about the annoyance of price estimates (meaning they don't get a clear, transparent price from the beginning) and the costly engineering that seems to never end. Do you think that a step-by-step, clear process and course of action from A to Z would be beneficial for companies? And I'm not talking here about SCADA software, like Ignition. I'm talking about using Ignition to build and implement a fully working SCADA solution, customized to your company BUT you know exactly the price and the methods/processes that will be used (it's a replicable framework to get similar results for multiple companies - and the results would be a SCADA solution without the headaches of the unknown prices and engineering characteristics). Basically, a clear project-based approach rather than an hourly approach where things can get confusing.    Do you think the industrial space could use something like that?