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  1. Pointer cx programmer

    This is exactly what I need, Thank you good sir !
  2. Pointer cx programmer

    Thanks a lot for your reply ! for question 1) Can i use a symbol (UINT datatype in my case) to adress the bit like : LD H50.MyVariable ?
  3. Pointer cx programmer

    Hello everyone, To begin, I'm sorry for language mistake, English is not my mother tongue.  1) I have i pretty simple questions (i think). I'm trying to make a "dynamic pointer" in cx programmer. I turn a bit on in a UINT symbol and I use the bit shift left instruction. My problem is, i want to turn an output true when example, the 4th bit is true, but depending on the length of the product, it might be the 5,6,7 etc... I'm new to cx programmer. With sysmac studio, i would have done something like that : if arrayofbool[x]. := true then ; ..... 2) Is there a way to clear the bit after the 4th (if 4 is the trigger of my output). I know there is an instruction for that in sysmac. 3) Im using a CJ1M CPU 22 PLC. My project is to optimize the rejected sheet of a "Sheeter", there is a lost of waste $$$$. That said, if my project work well, i will have the "GO" to modify more machine. I would love to use PLC who work on Sysmac instead of cx programmer because I'm way more familiar with this program, but i down want to buy an "overkill" plc. What is the smallest plc I can buy : i only need 2 high speed input, like 4 digital input and 2-3 output. Thanks a lot !!!!