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  1. Hi All, need some advice on a system to Alternate Starting of 2 pumps:  1. When StartP is pressed, Pump No.1 would start. 2. By pressing StopP, it will stop the running pump. 3. When StartP is depressed again, the Alternate Pump will kick in. Am looking at using: I0.1 - NO Push Button I0.2 - NC Push Button Q0.1 Pump 1 Q0.2 Pump 1 to set it up.. Any kind advice how may i set this up? Any advice will be deeply appreciated. TYIA!  
  2. Help needed on Toggle Control

    Appreciate the kind responses! Looking through and testing em.. :)
  3. Help needed on Toggle Control

    Hi All, need some guidance on how to set up a logic in FC where; 1. Each time a ToggleAB is pressed, the resultant ToggleLED will toggle bet. ( On to Off status) or (Off to On ) for one time. Using Set/Reset(SR) function and |P| Pulse only possible? Thanks in advance! Cheers!