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  1. AFP0RC32T problem

    Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry I forgot to add some more details, it’s a Panasonic PLC.    These are the photos of my old (came with the machine) and new PLC. I noticed there’s a difference in OUT 0.1A and OUT 0.2A, I’m not sure if this could make a difference ?       
  2. AFP0RC32T problem

    I’ve just installed a new PLC (AFP0RC32T) onto my vacuum forming machine (it produces plastic packaging by forming a piece of plastic sheet by using a mold), replacing an old and faulty PLC that came with the machine (AFP02543-F). Everything works fine, but after every 10-40 sheets produced, it always stops by itself, so I have to keep starting the operation. The weird thing is I tested just running the machine without putting any sheets on to the machine, the machine works fine for hours. But once we put the plastic sheet, it will stop again after few sheets. Does it have any to do with the model of Inverter? At the moment I’m using Inverter VFO 400V 2.2 kW BFV00224-E. Thank you for your help.