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  1. Hello IvanBratanov. Needed help for install last version of ISPsoft. But it's ok now. The probleme was ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Need help for ISPSfot programming. The main issue for me was the lake of information about the APIs. That's also mostly ok now also, thanks to the improved online help it the latest version. So... We could say it's OK, too. So, it looks like we can close the topic.
  2. Delta Plc Solenoid Pulse

    Hello, When you the signal you want, set a memroy (M, or tag of type bit). When you have that memroy ON : Start a timer Power your output When that timer has reached the value, reset the memroy. That timer can be very short. So, you will have on pulse. Or, may you want more than one ?  
  3. Hi guys, After successfully installing the latest version of ISPsoft on a win10 PC, I tried again on my win7 laptop. It failed with the message from InstallShield: "Error writing to the temporary location". I tried once more, disabling the anti virus. It worked. Note that NOD32 had never reported anything with each failed attempt. Anyway, I should know best. But the important thing is that it works. V3.14 is much more informative in the F1 help. That's nice. Still take any help. But I think I'm much more progressed now. :) Merci :)   KsioP  
  4. Dear forumers, It started on ISPsoft end nov. 2021. I have to program a MS300 drive. It is a very interesting software. And even if it is a bit rigid, in ladder for example, I begin to like it. I would need some help though, especially on the APIs properties. Indeed, the F1 help doesn't work well. Sometimes it doesn't open (can bypass), sometimes the APIs I’m looking for is not in it.  In the different pdf's I have gathered, the APIs, especially those concerning the MS300 variator, are not all explained. Does anyone have precise literature, official or personal, on these APIs?  It is difficult to program by having to guess/test. The doc. I currently have: Delta Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series User Manual (2 PDF : one with 688 pages, one with 510) 2 Quick guid, probably done by my seller (Word format) ISPSoft User Manueal (2 PDF : 2017/06/14 with 840 pages; 2021/03/29 with 1160 pages) A few DVP PLC PDF : DVP-28SS2; SA2; SS2… I also had trouble installing the last 2 versions of ISPsoft on a Windows 7 pro 64 bits PC. The V3-14-0 version refused to install, displaying an inability to write to a temporary folder. The V3-13 version (SW_20210420) just froze during installation. No info. I didn't look further (the client is coming netxt week), I stayed at 3.12.01 (beta) Has anyone ever had this? I will try insall V3-14 on a windows 10, and also try a monitored install on my one personal PC at home with w7 pro 64b. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me. I have contacted DELTA support in Europe and am waiting for answers. As well as my seller, who has technical competence, has already used this software, but is far from having answered all my questions. Best regards, KsioP