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  1. FX5 and Zebra serial comms

    You'll need a crossover cable. The first line from the attached printer manual page states "The Printer is configured as Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)". If you look at the bullet point from the FX5 serial pdf screenshot, it states "When connected equipment is Data Terminal Equipment", which the printer is; you can see the crossover wiring illustrated. Additionally, look at the pin assignments for the FX5 and the Printer - Both have RxD on pin 2 and TxD on pin 3 indicating the need for a crossover cable. 
  2. A2NCPU PLC Error

    Have you considered that there may be something else damaged in the CPU module? Maybe try ordering a used CPU from eBay and installing the eproms they sold you in that CPU to see what happens? Unfortunately, I feel your pain in dealing with equipment manufacturers. I have a few cranes that came with F940 HMIs. I had one fail on me and asked them for a replacement - they told me that they were an obsolete product and they had no replacement since that model crane had been End Of Life'd; they expected me to scrap a $500,000 crane because of an HMI. When I asked them for the program so that I could convert it and use a GOT2000, they told me that they couldn't because it was their IP. And it seems to be getting worse. I have new crane that locks up if you change the battery with the power off. You have to either have the OEM connect to the crane via remote diagnostics or call them with a code displayed on screen and get an activation code from them. What happens if/when they decide offering support for these machines is no longer profitable? Sorry for the rant. 
  3. How to lock out numerical inputs GT Designer 3

    This is how I did password protection: I have two different passwords for two levels of access; "Boom Selection" has one password and "Boom Parameters" has another. One password is stored in D80 and the other in D81. The password field is just a standard numerical entry object. I'm also bringing an "Incorrect Password" Dialog box.   Hope that helps.    
  4. A2NCPU PLC Error

    The program looks like gibberish. Will the manufacturer not provide you the files to program the PLC yourself? If they provided you the original program, you could easily convert if for the iQ-R series. If you the machine is fairly simple, would it not make sense to hire someone to build a new program from scratch instead of scrapping the whole thing?
  5. Flowmeter reading

    First thing I notice is that M8063 is on, indicating a MODBUS communication error, and by being on, it is moving H1 into D8063 - which is supposed to hold the MODBUS communication error code. Also, you're trying to write to D8063 outside of the M8411 MODBUS configuration block. In the configuration block, you're writing H1 to D8419, but that's listed as a read only address. 2017 in hex is 7E1. 7E2 is 2018. if you want to read 2017 AND 2018, shouldn't you have K2 instead of K1 in between the MODBUS Register address and the PLC device head address?
  6. Encoder for fx1n

    This should help you out.    
  7. This is how I have a F940 GOT wired on one of my machines. Should be the same for the GS.