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  1. I'm working with Process Library 4.10 FTV ME This particular instance (of the same issue) I'm working with the E1_PlusE (ethernet/IP side module for the E1-Plus OLs) I created the HMI and everything loads and function (limited accessibility). The logged in user is in the HMI_Engineering group.  But it treats it as a operator, user can do nothing except view and reset alarms. The AOI reads the E1_Plus fine. However, there are several functions on the faceplate that are greyed out because of security. I dug down into the Global objects and the faceplates and see it is asking for the Cfg_Area and other sorts of "Cfg_" information that pertains to the Faceplate labels and security.  And the faceplate title is also blank. These parameters are listed in the AOI itself, but for reason they are NOT showing up in the UDT (which is the data type for the E1_PlusE:I, which the AOI uses in the ladder logic) All the faceplates have the same issue. Any ideas why ALL the AOIs are acting the same way?