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  1. Subroutine

    Okay.... Would this work?
  2. Subroutine

    Thanks for pointing this out. Besides from being an Electrical Engineering student, I'm also a Computer Science student. It's the high level language programmer in me that wants to make several different "functions" or labels in this case to break the program into parts. Having lots of experience with assembly language programming, I think I can handle troubleshooting the jmp commands. Seems fairly similar from what I can tell. Another question I've came up with: After the label becomes energized and I go onto the next rung, I want to ensure that the label is energized as a contact. Can I do that?
  3. Subroutine

    Hi all, I'm a little new to AB and have only used RSLogix a handful of times before. I'm looking to create a subroutine/subprocedure/subfunction in a program without creating a new file. I'm not sure what I want to do is possible so let me explain it a little. Here's what I have: *your basic green start pushbuttons (RH & LH) and a N.C. reset button *N.C. light curtain *3 solenoids with pneumatic cylinders attached to each *6 cylinder sensor to detect whether cylinder is stroked or not What I want: *When both LH & RH pusbuttons are pushed and light curtain and reset remain closed, I want to call a subprocedure *The subprocedure will then energize 3 solenoids which will used to clamp the part as long as the light curtain remains closed or the cylinders are fully advanced *The part will remain clamped until an internal bit (representing part testing finished) is energized to return My Questions: 1. when my contacts for LH and RH are energized, can I have the coil be the SBR? 2. Can I create a SBR (or an equilvalent method) in my main ladder logic because I want to avoid creating multiple files? 3. When the SBR returns, will the outputs turn off? Thanks in advanced (btw I'm a student in a PLC class and this is for an open ended project I designed and the professor didn't cover subroutines very well)
  4. Plc Project Idea

    I did a co-op/internship at a brake manufacturer (Nissin Brake if you heard of them). A Japanese owned company that sent us their old assembly lines and they used Omron and as time went on and as they got new equipment, the company here stuck with Omron since the few Japanese engineers left at the plant prefers them. But I became familiar with Omron and CX there. Since I completed the co-op I don't have access to CX anymore.
  5. Plc Project Idea

    We have RSLogix but it's only in a lab that we have limited access to. My schedule is not very open for those times so I would like to find my own software for the ladder logic. Since it's really all concept, we can write the program with any software. Since I know CX thats what I would want to use. I only have dealt with Omron before. Would you know of any other software I can use for the ladder logic?
  6. CX-One V1.1

    I would like to have a copy of CX myself. Can you please tell me how to get these files to download? Thanks in advanced.
  7. Plc Project Idea

    Guys, I'm in a PLC class now and its the beginning of the semester and already assigned a final project. The parameters of the projects are: 1. Select an appropriate application. Your application shall have at least one analog input; one analog output, control algorithm, one STI call and demonstration of your hardware/software. 2. Describe the need of your application, control performed and end product or result. 3. Draw a sketch of the process operation. 4. Indentify sensors and output devices required for operation of your system. 5. Justify selection of sensors and output devices. 6. Select an appropriate PLC, I/O modules, chassis, power supply, etc. 7. Draw the complete schematic of the system 8. Indentify control algorithm 9. Draw the flowchart of the PLC program. 10. Write ladder logic for the program. 11. Execute ladder logic for the program. 12. Consider the safety of the operating personnel and consider "what ifs" where the process sequence may go astray. I have some experience with PLCs to know enough about them. What gets me on this project is the analog input/output. I think I've only used digital sensors before. My question - can anyone give me any ideas. There are some processes I used at work I could do but drawing it up without part drawings which I cannot get would be hard for me to do. If anyone have a project they did at work that would be good for a PLC class, I would love to hear about it. Also programming software. I would like to program this on my own computer. Since this really all concept and no implemenation, does anyone know of software I can download and write the ladder logic? Since I only have experience with Omron PLCs, I only know CX Programmer. If anyone knows if CX has a trial verison or anything of the sort, I would like to use that. Thanks in advance.