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  1. Thanks slcman for the info's. I am sure that it will come in handy with all that is likely to happen. Ron, thanks for the heads up. However, as far as I know, there is probably less than 10 PLC's in total at the plant. And from what I am being told, there is only 3 or 4 different ones, including a couple of micrologix 1000, which I am already geared up for due to a small project at the plant earlier in the year. I intend to get out there on Friday and poke my nose into all the panels to find out exactly what I am dealing with, including HMI's etc. All good info though, so thankyou to all of you.
  2. That's a good idea, although I am familiar with the company's "spares store" - The average toilet would be about twice as large as it, so I doubt that I will have any luck. However, the company I work for has got a couple of SLC's which were on some 2nd hand machinery they purchased a few years ago. There is no software, although there is a hand held terminal of some sort here. I might see if my boss would be prepared to let me buy one of them so I can at least play around a bit. I did have dealings with RSLinx about 2 months ago. (Micrologix 1000 - Limited version of software) I was asked to make a small control box for a boiler alarm, and they wanted to use AB. So, I am all too familiar with the joys of RSLinx. I think my biggest drama with RSLinx is the terminology, being so different to the Omron system I am so familiar with. As for commented programs, that may be another story. However, given that the machines were purchased as complete running machines (And built specifically for this company), I dare say that there should be something floating about somewhere on site. It probably won't be up to date, but at least it will be something. That's another question I will be asking. Thanks for your input - It's all appreciated.
  3. No probs. I'll get as much info as I can, and will probably be back after that. I just don't want to be ripped off/scammed by our local AB dealer. If I can go in with a goo heads-up on what I need, then that will make it less likely that we will get takn for a ride. Thanks for all your help. It is very much appreciated. Cheers. Dwane.
  4. Thanks for all your info. The one thing I failed to mention is that the plant was new about 5 years ago, and nothing was second hand. That would possibly indicate that they will all have the appropriate serial port. All good. :) I'll confirm it when I go there anyway. As for the HMI, the only one that I know of is an AB one. There could be more hiding somewhere in the plant, but I am yet to have that good a look around the plant. I distinctly remember seeing one at about 2am one morning while I was out there installing a Soft Starter that had decided to self destruct. Then again, it was 2am.......But am 90% certain I can remember seeing the legendary blue AB logo and trim on it. Software is somewhat of a sore point. The company I work for uses Omron in about 95% of it's machines, and for under $1000 (Australian), I can program almost every Omron PLC, later model HMI's, VSD's, Servo Drives and, well, everything Omron. And for the most part, it is simple to setup and use. Then again, AB have always had this thing about taking maximum advantage with their software. Sucks, but that's how it is - At least in Australia.
  5. Now I know why I was glad that my current employer has Omron PLC's - So much simpler. I'll grab the PLC numbers and the revision numbers off as much of the gear that I can get to, and hopefully it will all turn out to be very straight forward. Also, can you please just clarify one more thing for me - I WILL need both the software packages regardless? Is that correct? RsLogix 5 and RsLogix 500. And what do I need for the HMI's? Thanks for your help. You have pointed me in the right direction. :)
  6. I hope to get out there later in the week, so I will have more of an idea then as to exactly what they have out there. I will try to note each and every PLC and HMI, but with any luck they will all have an RS-232 port. I take it that if a PLC has an RS-232 port, that it can be used for programming directly from a computer? Also, are pinouts available for the SLC5/03 cable? Or is it just a null modem cable? Handshaking? (Gotta love RS-232 - The greatest non-standard ever invented!)
  7. At this stage, I haven't even seen the PLC's, so I really don't know what models the PLC5's are as yet. I do know that the newest of them would be at least 3 years old. And they did specifically mention the SLC5/03 PLC's. HMI's - Yes, I believe that there is some HMI's in amongst the factory, but again, I am unsure as to what models. I do know that there is one which is about 7" LCD type. I doubt that there would be much (If any) HMI programming involved. And the software will be needed for long term. A mate who has his own contracting business is looking at trying to get a contract with them (VERY likely given the current company who are profiteers!), and therefore trial/demo/time limited versions will be no good.
  8. Hi All. I have been asked to do maintenance at a local company, and their primary PLC brand is Allen Bradley. Now, I have worked with AB before, but not for a VERY long time. The company uses PLC5's and SLC 5/03's and I am trying to find out what hardware and software I will need to communicate with both these PLC's. Is there a universal software package that will talk to both PLC's? And, do I need an adaptor to talk to these PLC's, or can I simply use a serial cable of some sort? Thanks in advance! Dwane.
  9. W-Series Servo -> CJ1M. HELP!

    Problem solved! The solution was to connect the 'run' command as suggested, and also adjust Parameter Pn002, bit 2. This bit (internally) changes the operation of an absolute encoder to an incremental encoder. I did try just the 'run' command input and it wouldn't work. But, once I adjusted Pn002/bit 2 as well, it fired up. Thanks to all who offered advice. P.S. Local Omron rep has told me that in 4.4KW size, that absolute encoder is the only option. Also note that the battery for the encoder is not supplied and has to be ordered seperately, but must be used.
  10. W-Series Servo -> CJ1M. HELP!

    I have tried connecting the run command up on the XW2B relay unit, but it made no difference. The 'SEN' input is on pins 2 and pin 4 of CN1. The manual mentions that you must use 'SEN' if using an absolute encoder on the servo motor. Quote below is from the manual: The biggest problem is that the XW2B relay unit I have doesn't have pins 2 and 4 on it. Makes it kinda hard to see if that is what the problem is.