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  1. TSX PSY1610

    @panic modethanks for your opinion, i am trying to get the status log so easy to get it. @pturmelSure sir I do....  
  2. TSX PSY1610

    @acpiUnable to get the proper plc software? @pturmel sir would you share me video tutorial link or guide to get the knowledge while resolving the query. Its challenging part for me.
  3. TSX PSY1610

    Still unresolved its been getting more and more complication. As I'm newbie into automation world. Every engineer tried their best to get it resolved. As the build team of this project already replaced and unknown.  I'm unable to rectify and resolve the simplest query for you all. Please help me to understand and get it done before I loose my job. Please help as soon as you all can.
  4. TSX PSY1610

        What do the LED lights ( RUN , ERR , I/O , TER ) on the front of the TSX Premium PLC indicate? THsid  
  5. TSX PSY1610

    Still not yet resolved!!!! Is their any suggestion to resolve my query.
  6. TSX PSY1610

    TSXPSY 1610      
  7. Hey Guys, Hope you are doing well!  Need all your experience support, to recover my existing project. As I'm at power plant project, we had PLC system with Vijeo Citect 7.3 licensed. As I'm newbie into this automation, doing my best to complete the project. AS I need you support to get resolved my project and my query. Query 1)Unable to get meter reading through plc to scada. Query 2)PLC gets and err blink and its not communicating as two plc available, one working perfect and other gives err blink after reset. Kindly help me out