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  1. GetVariable in on NA

    I am not sure but I read that Omron NA panel works in If it is not I am sorry I am new in this type of programing. Any sugestion about how create "getVariable" or get variable value?
  2. GetVariable in on NA

    I want to read in the subroutine. I don't need to convert the string to integer, I need to get the value of the variable that the name is written in the string. I have three variables defined in the HMI global variables: str_prueba (as string) m_prueba (as Integer) m_prueba2 (as Integer) To change the value of m_prueba and m_prueba2 I used the following code: sub prueba            str_prueba="m_prueba"            setVariables(str_prueba,1) end sub Changing the string (str_prueba) I can access to the diferent variables and change the value of these. But, now i want to get the actual value of the variables as the same way, changing the variablename in the string. thanks for your patience.  
  3. GetVariable in on NA

    Thanks for your answer IO_Rack, I am interested in the value of the HMI global variables. The access to that variables seems easy with the SetVariables(ByRef VariableName as object, Value as object). My problem is that I dont found a function like "GetVariable". Kind regards.  
  4. Hi all, I am a new user of on NA Omron HMI, and I need your help to solve a problem. In my case, I have to get a HMI global variable value in, but the VariableName is in an other variable (string). For example: Var1=4 Var2=6 VarName="Var1" I worked with a "SetVariable" function to modify the value of different variables, but right now I need to read the actual value, in the example values 4 and 6.  Do you have any suggestion?