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  1. StartApp Intouch Wonderware

    THank you for your help.  I have created a walk around solution. I am saving the parameters in a file and then i "call" powershell app with just one parameter (the file parameter).    Thank you Bob for the idea. 
  2. StartApp Intouch Wonderware

    Dears,  I would appreciate your help on the below matter.  I am trying to send email using intouch scada.  I am using the following command: StartApp "powershell.exe " + par0 + par1 + par2 + par3 + par4 + par5 + par6 + par7 + par8 + par9; par0 --> is the powershell script path par1 --> is the email par2 to par9 are some parameters i would like to send. I checked the power shell script and its working just fine, but when i run the script through intouch it seems that executes a part of the string.  For example: par0 = "PATH_ON_MY_PC/powershell.ps"; par1 = "test@test.com" par2 = " -par1 12"; par3 = " -par2 10"; par4 = " -par3 test"; ... par9 = " -par9 9";   I am only getting first parameter and if i change to this: StartApp "powershell.exe " + par0 + par1 + par3 + par2 + par4 + par5 + par6 + par7 + par8 + par9; I will only get third parameter.  How can I overcome this limitation?
  3. StartApp Intouch Wonderware

    HI BobLFoot,  Thank you for your reply and your suggestion but I think this in not the case. I am pretty sure that the problem is with the length of the string. As you can see in the following example I call the power shell script with only two parameters par1 and par2. I get the email but the string I get is not "123456789123456789123456789123456789" but I only get "123456789123"   StartApp "powershell.exe PATH_TO_SCRIPT -par1 test@test.com -par2 123456789123456789123456789123456789 " Based on the example below I strongly believe that the problem is with the length of the string, so is there any way to "hack" this?