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  1. NS8 EndOfLife - what use as replacement ?

    From our local Poland head office of the OMRON and local distributors. Maybe for them it's mean, that market is out of stock the NS8 locally. ;)  Fact, told this  to me my colleague from spare-parts department, but I will check this info one more time. Anyway, they starting search/buying NS8 where they can :)  
  2. NS8 EndOfLife - what use as replacement ?

    Good day. I was informed about EoF the NS8 HMI's. I got couple old machines with those HMI's  , but they  still need to be  supported. So I need to migrate with project in CX-Designer to other model. My question is  - what else from OMRON can be used as replacement for this hardware (dimension, easy project convert)?     
  3. FX3U GOT2000 RS485 Setting

    Good day. Even manual is not needed. Mitsubishi devices use native communication protocol (HMI/PLC/inverters/servos). Just setup in GOT and  FX proper  hardware connection type, and connect by proper cabel. No matter it is 422/485/232