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  1. NS8 EndOfLife - what use as replacement ?

    Good day. I was informed about EoF the NS8 HMI's. I got couple old machines with those HMI's  , but they  still need to be  supported. So I need to migrate with project in CX-Designer to other model. My question is  - what else from OMRON can be used as replacement for this hardware (dimension, easy project convert)?     
  2. NS8 EndOfLife - what use as replacement ?

    From our local Poland head office of the OMRON and local distributors. Maybe for them it's mean, that market is out of stock the NS8 locally. ;)  Fact, told this  to me my colleague from spare-parts department, but I will check this info one more time. Anyway, they starting search/buying NS8 where they can :)  
  3. FX3U GOT2000 RS485 Setting

    Good day. Even manual is not needed. Mitsubishi devices use native communication protocol (HMI/PLC/inverters/servos). Just setup in GOT and  FX proper  hardware connection type, and connect by proper cabel. No matter it is 422/485/232