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  1. Analog input scalling load cell

    Is the analog card the correct card. There is an F159 card. This is a weight cell specific card. It does require reading of the manual for the setup and calibration.    
  2. Connect OMRON CJ1H to GSM modem

    Use the send command. Is this a Westermo. If so you will have to initialise the modem first.
  3. Label printer+omron CPM2C

    Have you plugged the port into your PC and used terminal emulator. You might need winxp as win7 might have removed it. You will see if you are getting your data out the plc.
  4. Label printer+omron CPM2C

    What settings have you got the ports?
  5. CX-Programmer. Omron PLC

    OMITUNISIA No need to shout caps are very bad manners and likely to get you ignored. tonehunta See if you can speed read out or calculate the change in actual position over time to give speed.
  6. Omron Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP

    You don'nt need the password to change the OMRON ip address. Using CX-programmer you should be able to upload the IO table and change it from there. Or you could bite the bullet and pay the programmer to change the IP.
  7. Label printer+omron CPM2C

    From memory you will need a CIF unit and with the right printer. I did it with a recipt printer. Use a TXD and pump out a string of memorys containing the ASCII data you wish to print from the serial port on the CIF unit.
  8. Yamaha Robots

    Have programmed the OMRON robots. (Rebranded Yamaha, was labled Yamaha and used yahama programming software as very early) Once you understood the language it was not to difficult to program. Mine was controlled via devicenet instructions. Thou serial would not be difficult depending on the PLC chosen or PC application.
  9. Ethernet connection between Redlion and CP1L

    CP1X with ethernet cif module have limited length message's. This is due to the limitations of CIF unit. Try it and if it works you are ok. If not red lion will need to release a new version of there software.
  10. Convert NS8 project to NS5

    During the conversion process its done auto i thought. Pop ups are not changed thou.
  11. Max CF size for CJ1M

    2gb And do not use windows to format them. It uses the wrong format. I belive it is to with fat32 being used and the plc only supports old FAT16.
  12. NS recipes

    I have posted somewhere on here on how to use macro's to save PLC data on to a NS CF card. Cannot rememeber if i posted the load routine as-well. Just a reversal of a save really. Be aware that screen switching is disabled durring the macro operation. I quite a bit of time understading this to make it work nicely for the operator.
  13. NS recipes

    Declaring table arrays. With DIM and using SETR instructions are my prefered away and are handled using the index register.
  14. NS recipes

    Handle it all in the PLC / HMI. Ie PLC code to control the display of the fields. Save the data to PLC or HMI memory card. The save to a HMI is documented on the forum.
  15. Connect two CPU CJ2M

    You don'nt need to use function blocks. A simple SEND or RECV instruction will work spot on.