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  1. Understand service data

    This is how we use it. Thanks for the help!
  2. Understand service data

    This is compact logix 5380. I'm not sure what trend objects are exactly, but I'll try to check. Is there a documentation that tells how to read that data so I know I interpret it correctly? Thanks!
  3. Understand service data

    Sure, thanks. It contains different examples, but they are pretty much the same. example.pcapng
  4. I have 0x4c requests from my ipc to the controller, with request path: Class - 0xB2, Instance - 0x004C. And 0x4c responses from the same path, and then "Command Specific Data": example 1 (of the command specific data): 0100a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00a6409d00 example 2: 0100a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00a7409d00 example 3: 0100a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00a8409d00 Looks like it always starts with 0100, then repeating some value. In the first one the repeating value is 00a6409d, and then in the end 00. Or maybe it's 01 and then just repeating values surrounded with 00 or something similar. Is it values surrounded with 00, written using little-endian? Does the variable in request have a name?