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  1. communication between simulated plc

    any news on this topic?
  2. NX1P2 data exchange with another Omron PLC

    but I don't know if it has a chance to work in nx1p2 communication to "better" plc
  3. NX1P2 data exchange with another Omron PLC

    I cannot download the update 1.47 because I am using a trial version....Could you send me screenshots of this project? Or maybe find different older project? Or downgrade this on some way? really sorry for problem... but this is my last hope... 
  4. NX1P2 data exchange with another Omron PLC

    Thanks for help, unfortunately the the project does not open displaying a warning with update instructions (screenshot in attachment ) , but i checked it in auto update software and my version 1.45 is up to date. Can you check what version this file is running on?
  5. Hi gents, I need to build up a communication between nx1p2 to another omron plc (any type with sql support). This is due to the fact that I have finaly to prepare the plc communication with the sql database, and nx1p2 doesnt support this.  Sorry, i know it's probably a noob question, but I'm a beginner. What type of technology i shoud use to make this connection between NX1P2 and another Omron PLC? Or might be some share some project?