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  1. Lenze 93xx Drive PLC

    I have actually asked and in one case the vendor is no longer around but on the other machine the guys moved to a new company when their old employer shut down so they have agreed to send me the project as they still have it, so that will work fine, many thanks for the response Joe. 
  2. Lenze 93xx Drive PLC

    Hi Joe, thanks for replying. I now know, having gotten a call-back from Lenze UK TS, that the 9300 series PLC drives can NOT have their PLC code uploaded, and to replace one of these drives which does use the PLC section, you have only two options: 1. Get the EMZ2221IB interface, pretty much rare as unicorn poop and expensive if you can find one (<£2K GBP) - only works with versions 6A5x onwards - this interface can suck out the compiled code and squirt it back into a replacement drive. No editing possible (compiled binary file) 2. Get the original PLC project from the machinery vendor if possible and use DDS (Global Drive Developer Studio) to edit and/or recompile and download to the drive. It is not possible to use GDC to get the PLC code, but also learned that only 93xx-EI or 93xx-ET have the full PLC inside, 93xx-ES drives do not. For those not using the PLC then GDC Easy can get all parameters including function block values but can NOT edit the FB, for that you need the licensed version of GDC as it has the FB editor built in.
  3. Lenze 93xx Drive PLC

     I also heard its possible to get the PLC program using CoDeSys but not sure on that one, as I can't find any information on how to do it. I have the Lecom-AB interface, USB to CAN interface and the X4 CANBUS cable so if I had software capable of pulling the program out, even in compiled form, I could get the machine working again. Any help or pointers would be most appreciated.
  4. Lenze 93xx Drive PLC

    Hi all, I now need to wrestle with a Lenze Servo Drive 93xx and the PLC within it.  I have Global Drive Control & Global Drive PLC Developer Studio and have to swap a burned out drive for a new one, it's almost 20 years old and I wonder if anyone can advise, can I pull the PLC project / code out of the drive PLC on the old unit (it still communicates but the I/O is blown for analogue inputs) or is that not possible? Someone told me that on the Lenze Servo PLC drives, you cannot get the code back into the DDS software once compiled and loaded. I've asked the originator of the machine if they still have the full project (unlikely as it was 2005 vintage) I can get all of the parameters via GDC but the PLC part only communicates over CANBUS and not the LECOM-AB so I have the correct cable coming and have the software already, awaiting the project from the OEM but if anyone knows how to upload (even just to pull out and squirt back in compiled state) then I'd be grateful. I also know there was a device numbered EMZ2221IB which could do a pull & push of the PLC code just to clone a drive PLC but the gadget is like rocking horse poop. AB/Rockwell is my normal thing among all the other makes we have to work on in Controls but Lenze Drive PLCs are a new beast for me.
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to implement 1-1 NAT on a Stratix 5700 but it looks like the option isn't there, I've upgraded the firmware to the latest version from RA. It states licence = lan-lite so maybe that's the issue. Is there a way to get this functionality by FW U/G and where would I get it from? Or do you have to buy the switch with a different level of functionality from new?
  6. ip Finder

    Hey Tim, just watched that video on YT, very good and I use a lot of your stuff for work. I'd love a SIM-IPE but can't find them anywhere in the UK, can you advise how I'd get one here? Sorry for dredging up an old thread but Google found it for me!