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    You're very kind, thank you!! I manged to get it working in the end - now just for some more testing!   Thanks again and take care

    OK, I got something working at least. I moved the Control and IO arrays into global labels and assigned a dedicated memory address. So now the PID functions....somewhat. The output will change from min to max output almost immediately, there is no gradual step up. So just need to work out why now...

    I feel like I'm spamming this forum with questions....sorry! Ok, I'm trying to configure a PID loop using PID Control Instructions (the PID Operation Instruction version appears pretty limited in functionality for what I need). Anyway, reading through the manuals and I thought all I had to do was configure a (Word [Signed]) Array for the PIDINIT, and a (Word [Signed]) Array for the PIDCONT. So, I did this and connected up all the relevant data.   But now I have no idea where I put the control data....do I have to assign an area in memory and effectively point everything at that address? Any ideas?       Thanks :)  
  4. GX Works 3 (R04CPU) Device Memory

    Thank you!   Sorry for not responding I didn't get a notification that there was a reply!   Much appreciated
  5. GX Works 3 (R04CPU) Device Memory

    Hello,  GX Works 3 / R04CPU. I'm using the Device Memory so that I can link the HMI to my PLC. I've set aside some memory, in this case D3260, to be used as a Real (32 bits data, Float single precision) to be set by the HMI (operator adjustable setting) and read from the PLC. I thought I'd move D3260 into a local label for readability/testing purposes, and it says I cannot move an Int into a Real - which is fair enough, but, how/where do I set D3260 as a real? Do I use some Functions to take D3260 + D3261 and make it to a real, or define the data area as a real somewhere...   Dumb question I know, I'm new to GX Works 3. Thanks very muchly    
  6. GX Works 3 1.07Y - Read Analogue Data

    OK, cool, thanks for your help!
  7. GX Works 3 1.07Y - Read Analogue Data

    Thanks for replying. Ahh, I had to go into the Module Window, then add module label to get those labels. Probably the second way, in any case - if I may ask a couple more questions? stnMonitor[0] - is that the first channel I presume? So StnMonitor[1] would be the second channel...   How would I go about addressing Digital data from a card? If the first Digital Input card is 0040:Rx41C4   Thanks for your help, I've programmed all types of Allen Bradley PLCs, DCS systems, the old GX IEC Developer, but thrown in to do a this GX Works 3 and no time to do training or anything - so things are a little different!    
  8. GX Works 3 1.07Y - Read Analogue Data

    Hello Dumb/simple question.   I've created my Module Configuration, assigned parameters etc. So, the first Analogue Card is  00E0:R60AD8-G How do I reference the Analog Data in my program? Is it via address or 'label' basis?   Many thanks