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  1. old ez hmi

    This is what I am trying to do. EZ-Touch to C More Conversion - Automation Direct - Forums.MrPLC.com I need the software before cmore was released, it seems to be in old software limbo because AD was working with ez automation at the time, but then they split I think what I need is the EZ editor from automation direct version 3.1 Once I save it EZ editor, then I can open it in Cmore7, then cmore9
  2. Best brick PLC for learning

    I have my kids learning on Arduino I think learning to program with structured text is way more important than ladder logic I know ladder logic is used EVERYWHERE but it is really a bad way to learn programing.
  3. old ez hmi

    I have an old EZ-s6c-f panel that failed. To upgrade to the newer cmore panel I need to convert the HMI using the old Automation Direct software that I do not have, and they will not provide it for some reason. This is the info that AD sent me AutomationDirect Technical Support - FAQs C-More software (version 2.78 and earlier) can open the EZ Touch files created with EZ Touch Editor version 3.1A Does anyone have access to this old version of C-more?
  4. Beckhoff TwinCAT 3

    You can install twincat XAE on the beckhoff hardware. Beckhoff hardware is running a version of windows with virtual PLC running on top of windows. You can use remote desktop to connect the PLC and not install anything on your local pc if you wanted.