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  1. Sorry, this combination is not possible. The FX5 series CPU's does not handle the required CC Link IE Field communication for this IE Field remote IO module ( NZ2GFCF1-32T, 1Gb networking) The FX5 CPU can handle directly from the CPU, CC link IE Field Basic remote I/O stations like: NZ2MF2S1-32D (100Mb networking)
  2. MAC address of HMI

    Hi tranthanhtung, You will only specify a start adress (location) where the mac adress will be shown. If you specify for example write GD150 into GS408. GD150, GD151 and GD152 will contain the mac adress information as shown in the screen capture above. The MAC adress will be shown in Hex I believe and will fit the 3 registers.  
  3. HMI GS2110 and serial barcode reader

    Hi, Check the settings in GT Designer 3, in Menu -> Common, Peripheral setting, Bar-code Here you would normally find the settings for the barcode reader and the PLC device where the information string is stored from the barcode reader.
  4. GXWorks 2 Rounding Float

    Maybe it is an option to provide the data as a string to the IOT application? You can use the "DESTR" instruction were you can set the total number of digits (for example 6) and the required decimal places (2 in this case)
  5. PLC Reset?

    A reset is similar to a power down/up secuence. A reset is neccessary to make new parameter settings failed for instance. Programm is reset and internal relay's and registers are reset to initial ("0") Battery backed / Latched relay's and registers retain their value. (the range differs according to the used CPU)  
  6. If you leave the terminals "open" (no sensor) and put it to 0-10VDC mode (M8280 = off) Check with a small battery if you can sense the 0-10VDC input on D8280.  Also check if input no. 2 is getting the signal. I think remembering the analogs for FX3GE where coming in on the 2nd module. So please check via batch monitoring also the range for D8270-D8279  
  7. Remote I/O for R32CPU or R32ENCPU

    NZ2FT is CC link IE TSN communication and a very good option. For CC link IE TSN you will need a master module for the main PLC. -> RJ71GN11-T2 The TSN networking is IP based and build on the latest IEEE standards. The benefit is you can also run different kind of protocols on the network cable without any influence on the Real-time structure of TSN.  Running different protocols on the same network is not possible for IE Field or Control. It using different protocols is no issue IE Field would be a wise choice.  If you want to use the build in Ethernet port of the R32EN CPU it is a good option to use the RJ72GF15-T2 head station. The same backplane and option cards can be used as in the main PLC. Perfect for spare parts / maintenance issue's 
  8. Modbus TCP on Q03UDVCPU

    This version of GXW2 is way to old (2 digits after point.) For some years now behind the digit is a 3 number version number. For example 1.605F
  9. FX3U GOT2000 RS485 Setting

    If the distance is long (> 30 meters), It would be an good idea to add an inexpensive FX3U-ENET-ADP module and set the communication to Ethernet. When inserting a simple Hub this could also be usefull for programming the PLC  
  10. SLMP Failures

    Hi  Mystikaldrizzle, I could make a test with a Mitsubishi R-CPU and SoftGOT using the SLMP protocol. After setup/test I noticed I was able to read the values on the GOT but was not able to write. In the parameter settings for the RCPU there is a special option to select "enabling" the write by SLMP to the CPU. (see 2nd screenshot) After change I was able tor read/write the values via de SoftGOT towards the RCPU For the parameters for FX5 a was not able to find that same setting, but I guess this is managed by the security settings. See screenshot. In attachment the 2  sample programms SoftGOT2000 and R CPU project  Hope it helps you SLMPSGOT_RCPU.GTX SLMPSGOT_RCPU.GTX GXW3_R04_SLMP.gx3
  11. SLMP Failures

    In the above FXCPU is set, instead of iQF (iQF = FX5) as Gambit mentioned.  Also I wonder what the options are under the dropdownbox of the menu selection "destination module". As a reference you can check if you have any differences with the FX5-build in Ethernet poort. For test, I would recommend a lower data word instead of the 5000 range. If you check with D100, D102 etc you are 100% sure there is no trouble in accessing the "latched" dataword range  
  12. R(XX)ENCPU Parameters

    Hello Jordan, This refers to a multi CPU setup. Since the R16ENCPU is actually an CPU with attached Ethernetboard normally multi CPU would not be possible. For Multi CPU, the CPU's should be next to each other on the base rack. So if you are not about to make a multi CPU setup you can ignore the information message. When you look into the manual, you will see you can "trick" the parameters thinking CPU's are mounted next to each other, followed by the Ethernet card.  
  13. GOT GT1030-HBD2 to Mitsubishi FX3S

    I checked it with the on-line configuration tool on the ME website. It is the right module also for FX3S. Follow this link, you will find the tool scrolling a bit down on the page:
  14. GOT GT1030-HBD2 to Mitsubishi FX3S

    I would say. The most easy way to solve is to add a FX3G-232-BD, RS232 option to the FX3S PLC to connect the RS232 communication based GOT screen. The FX3G-232-bd option is inexpensive and makes robust solution
  15. Connection GOT1000 to FX5U

    For to run some test etc. You could select Modbus TCP on the GT1275. On the FX5U you enable the Modbus TCP/IP. (via the Ethernet parm. of FX5 select external ethernet devices -> Modbus)