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  1. I have some files from an SLC 150 that I need to recover the logic from. The problem is that I do not have the .150 files(to use PCIS.EXE). the files I have are .SLR,.SLT,.SLX,.SLC,.SLD.SLF,.SLP file types. From my research, these files are meant to work with a program called  SLC Logistics. I need to get a copy of this program if someone can send it to me. I am interested with anyone who knows how to pull the PLC logic from these file types.   I have used the utility SLC2DB to convert the rung,bit, and page files. This helped but it basically just got me the documentation. I still need to get the logic. you can see my other post here https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/41174-slc-150-program-read-need-pcisexe/
  2. SLC 150 program read need pcis.exe

    PCIS will not work for me because I do not have the .150 file. So I will need to get a copy of  SLC Logistics Revision 2.09. I don't know how to get a copy of this program. I have been looking for a while but have had no luck.
  3. SLC 150 program read need pcis.exe

    Thank you. I was able to download the PCIS.EXE using internet explorer only. This still did not work, however. I loaded the PCIS.EXE program into DOS-BOX and the program worked great.  The problem is the files I was sent is not a .100/.150 file type. The files I was sent are the following extension types.SLR,.SLT,.SLX,.SLC,.SLD.SLF,.SLP I used a program I got from Allen Bradly called SLC2DB to convert the rung,bit, and page files to text format......This helps but I do not have the logic yet. My question is this, is there any way to get the logic from these file types  .SLR,.SLT,.SLX,.SLC,.SLD.SLF,.SLP without having the .100/.150 files. I could pull the .150 file from the PLC but that would be very expensive for the customer. I am hoping with the files he has already sent me, that the ladder logic can be printed.   This SLC 150 is still running fine. My customer wants me to print the logic so we can upgrade to a micrologic 1400 in the future.
  4. I am trying to view a program from an SLC 150. I have the project files but I need the PCIS.EXE program.   I was wondering if someone could send me the PCIS.EXE file danielb@kansaselectrc.com