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  1.   thanks for the response  today update, the laptop that connect to QnA CPU had to be remote from vendor (Japan) and they requested the I have to provided spare of the  Q1MEM-256SE , now, we have already bought the spare SRAM, from the different city (at least 6 hour driving distance). tomorrow  we will receive the 3 pcs spare SRAM (including battery) , because, the battery that inside SRAM of the problem CPU was already drop only 1,5V from 3V  we hope, this will clear out the trouble,  (with the assist from vendor)      
  2. thank you for the response as your prediction,  this time, we face the problem, and from the vendor, their suggestion is same, to upgrade with curent available  control and redesign the wiring,  now we are still looking for the replacement of the extension card SRAM + EEPROM =  Q1MEM-256SE , maybe there is some file in those memory card need to be loaded and either the card is broken or the battery inside inside card is worn out  we trying to replace the CPU with the same Q2ASH (without card) still no luck however do you have experienced read this card using some converter / card reader to a PC / laptop  ? is it same with PCMCIA card or they had a different type of pin (SRAM) ?          
  3. Hello to all  We have a problem with starting CPU. In GX Developer we click "Diagnostics" and see Error 2400 File set Error. What causes this error? Error code list[Error code 2400] and point to step / parameter 1100 we already have format the memory the last thing not tried yet is :  - swap the CPU , (still in process provide by purchasing) - change memory battery (as per suggest by machine vendor) kindly needs some suggestion if anyone experienced this problem, or maybe some tips    Applicable machine    QnA series PLC ===================================================================================== Error code(SD0)    2400 Error message    FILE SET ERROR LED status(RUN)    OFF LED status(ERROR)    Flashing PLC operating state    Stop Diagnostics timing    At power ON & reset [FILE SET ERROR] The file specified with a parameter does not exist. ■ Collateral information • Common information: File name/Drive name • Individual information: Parameter number ■ Diagnostic Timing • At power-on/At reset/At writing to programmable controller/STOPRUN Read the individual information of the error using the programming tool to identify the numeric value (parameter No.). Check the drive name and file name of the parameter corresponding to the value, and correct it as necessary. Create the specified file and write it to the CPU module.