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  1. License Studio 5000

    Hi, At my company we use Cx-programmer for a lot of PLC. 1 license for multiple computer !!  Unfortunatly, manufacturer of new machine don't use Omron Anymore. We have now around 4-5 controllogix. here is my question ; Is it possible to connect multiple user on the same studio 5000 license ?  We have shi*ty laptop ; so is there a way to Create a "Server" to connect all my laptop to use the license ( multiple user at the same time) I know it doesn't work with windows Server ; the first to connect get the license. Is it possible to create a vm with the license , copy it (let say twice) and run the 2 copy on the same desktop, and then connect laptop to a copy of this vm ? (via vnc or ...) Or i have to copy the vm on each laptop.(like i said ; we have sh*ty laptop).   FAQ : Yes i have the full license (11K CAN$) Yes i have the Code Meter Dongle we use Thinkpad E575 (laptop) PLCS : Control logix 1756-XXXX    Thanks !