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  1. It sounds like you need Tech Connect , the tech support would able to answer your questions and point you to right direction, along with your local  Rockwell / Allen Bradley distributor . You can also use your Tech Connect to utilize software (such as Integrated Architecture Builder) to migrate to a newer platform and verify your new I/Os chassis and save you trouble and time.     Integrated Architecture Builder Integrated Architecture Builde Integrated Architecture Builder
  2. simatic APT

    thank you for your response,  i do have the manual but it is just not clear how the units are executed and just wonder if someone has hand-on experience on this topic...
  3. simatic APT

    I have a program for 555 controller  in APT with multiple sequences and units. How I do i know the program executing order ( which unit or sequence is run first)? just trying to understand more about the APT program structure.
  4. with a controller, you can force input to verify the logic
  5. When I try to open the a project ,the error " Failure opening Reference Data Editor template file" ,does this mean the project is corrupted or missing files?
  6. I have a program that was developed in modicon Concept, dont know what version it is. I tried to  open  with the version 2.6 XL but when i tried to open  the .prj file, it says the version does not match..is there a way or how to convert this program to version 2.6 Concept? 
  7. for this specific problem, you just have to change   BOOL[64] data declaration to  BOOL[65]  and you can use  BOOL[64] bit in your program
  8. i don't think you can add Micrologix 1100 to CCW (at least  not with the  version 10 i use anyway) but PV 800 support modbus and you can use modbus  TCP or modbus serial to communicate... 
  9. i dont see the AOI I created in  Data Types\User-Defined  and dont see any importing option either... In is v19 rslogix 5000 you refering to?
  10. I just want to import the tags to AOI ,not importing the entire AOI. Ideally, in Excel CSV format just as Export option but i guess i can't afford to be picky  now 
  11.  i am looking for a way to import tags to AOI (Add On Instruction)  or work around. I use rslogix 5000 v 19 for a project  and  i only see option to export tag but not importing
  12. Managed Switches

    if you have no problem with un-managed switch, you should stick with it. However, In your current setup using un-managed switch, your PLC will  broadcast data to all channel/ports.  If your network grows bigger with more nodes/connection or if you start to experience with dropping data or bad connection from time to time ,managed switch could help. The biggest advantage would be you can set up directly communication  between certain devices vs broadcasting to every channel in a unmanged switch case (for example if you use managed  switch your PLC can send  and/or receive only data to and from HMI  by change the setting of the individual ports that PLC and HMI are plugged in). By doing this, you can reduce data traffic between all devices connecting to the switch and thus more robust network.
  13. i suspect it has to to with the rack/backplane  but since you don't have another rack to verify  ,you can try to move RTD module to another empty slot  if you  still have spare lot on the rack.. If you do, would try both faulty RTD module to the new slot ,change the logic to read from new slot and see if you still have same problem.  
  14. PLC tag issue

    you should not delete the tags being used on HMI because ,for very least,it would create a error message  on HMI. to find tags used on HMI, generally you have to open HMI application in  Factorytalk View Studio and look under"Tags".However, it could be tricky because the PLC programmer can use direct address of the PLC tags in the HMI so it is not easy to tell if the PLC tags are used on HMI or not .If the tags are not used in logic ,it could be safe to delete  but you have to  absolutely sure they are not used.If the PLC tells you the tags is being used externally ,i'd would check again .Be carefult because the tags could be used by other PLCs or other HMIs over the network. Unless you have a very good reason to delete them,I usually just leave those tags alone unless if they don't hurt anything but that is just me  
  15. unless you know  what changed in the channel settings  ,it is not easy to get back in.If you are absolute sure you have the latest and correct PLC program ,you can reset the processor to factory default setting and re download the program.Check this forum thread for factory reset steps.Hope this helps! http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/13509-reset-503-to-factory-default-settings/#comment-66258