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  1. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    Works like a Charm I have a scanner connected to Com2 and the NT21 on com 1 I have it display the scanned bar code Now to expand on that Thanks for your help Rob    
  2. NT21 to CP1L-EM

  3. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    PT Control I had it started at DM0000 PT Notify                 DM0030  But I will set them to what ever you say.. Rob  
  4. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    I do have 20 free conservative DM. For the NT21. I was listening… i am scanning QR codes into a DM then searching a database for a match. This PLC has built in Ethernet, sure is nice and very fast connecting to my laptop. I want to use the NT21 to load the database. I tried everything to get that screen running. I was starting to think this has to be a cable issue. Or maybe I was loosing my mind…… But I thought for sure I read that if you can load the screens with the NT series support tool it would work between the PLC and the NT21. I sure wasted a lot of time time on this. I will make the cable and crossing fingers it solves the issue. Thanks for the reply guys. Really appreciate it. Be a lot easier to learn with more examples…..
  5. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    Well call me stupid I read that and read that and i dont understand what they want Do you have a simple example ? Because I find Omrons manuals to be very confusing. Just a simple read from a DM value will do Rob  
  6. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    OK I read and read but cant find any info on seting up the NT21 beyond making up screens I cant find anything on Status Control Area Can you elaborate a bit more... What bit controls the screen? Thanks in advance Rob  
  7. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    Thank you for the reply.  I will check that.
  8. NT21 to CP1L-EM

    I am trying to get a NT 21 to link to a CPL1 I have both set to Host link 9600/7e2 I have it set to read a DM All I get is system initialzing I am using the same cable i used to build the screens with NT Series Support tool I sent and recieved the screens so the cable works The com port on thee PLC is flashing I have tried starting the PLC in run mode and Monitor Mode What did i forget to do ??????? Rob  
  9. Scanner input to CP1L

    I can only guess how much you guys hate rookies and dumb questions….. But here it goes.. I have played with PLCs years ago. I understand ladder inputs and outputs  I find the omron manual extremely confusing with samples that are not complete ect.. I have a scanner connected to the plc. Serial port 1 option board i can scan a upc 12 code and store it in D0 (this is just testing as I have a QR code reader coming) when I look in the memory area for DM 0 With the display set to TEXT I see the complete bar code just as it appears on the upc label  When I use D0 in a counter it shows a no. that makes no sense. This scanner is meant to be a P.C. keyboard wedge. Does this mean the scanner is sending ascii characters to the PLC? The plan is to use a QR code scanner with numbers that I want to use to turn on conveyors then set a value in a counter that will count pcs and turn off I have the code working for the conveyors and the counter. Just need to get the numbers from the DM area into the counter with a decimal number. the QR code will scan a number like this 1,4 2,2 3,7 4,1  1,4 conveyor 1 count 4 pcs 2,2 conveyor 2 count 2 pcs 3,7 conveyor 3 count 7 pcs 4,1 conveyor 4 count 1 pcs  ect ect I don’t need to use a comma it can be anything This would be so easy if I could use the (text data) directly into the counter. Is there anywhere a guy can find sample code…. Working sample code for each of the commands Rob