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  1. New to the CCW programming environment. In Studio 5000, the enhanced PID block allows easy feedforward integration, but neither the PID or IPID blocks facilitate this additional signal. I've been reading and experimenting but I was wondering if anyone has had any success in the past implementing feedforward into a PID loop using a Micro800 controller on CCW. I'm using a Micro820. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the subject. 
  2. I'd like to thank all of you for your great suggestions. After exhausting many of these options I did end up calling Prosoft. Their Tech support guy got onto my machine and we went thru the gateway setup. I'd duplicated IP addresses (amateur hour). I'd given the alias address the same IP as the Card itself. Swapped that IP out for a fresh one and the online tag folders appeared instantly and the project was done 2 hours later. Great gateways and great tech support. Chap called Abraham I think. Anyway, thank you all for your time.
  3. First time posting. I'm upgrading an old Panelview Standard to a PanelView Plus on DH+ using a ProSoft gateway.    My question: I believe I do have comms established but I'm getting a host of errors  "Data Table N7:100 in SLC at is too small or missing" It seems as though I'm getting the error for every data table in the old program. I used the import conversion on FT View Studio to replicate the screens and tags and so on. I am diligently doing my research trying to figure out what's going on but thought I'd throw this one into the great ether and see if anyone has an insights.