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  1. HMI point table help

    Thanks for the help GreenMan, currently I am trying to get the correct parameters set into the MR-J4-40A1-RJ amplifier to recognize that I want to use the point table method. I try to write to AXIS 1 and so this is what I have so far. Pr. PA01 set to 1000 (unsure on this one) Pr. PA03 set to 0 Pr. PA06 set to 2 Pr. PA07 set to 1 Pr. PA14 set to 0 Pr.PA19 set to 10Ab (unsure about this one) I understand I am lacking a lot of the fundamentals but I have very little help, currently looking through pdf's and trying to decipher how to accomplish this task. 
  2. HMI point table help

    I have a GS2107-WTBD-N (HMI) and I am trying to create a program that will allow our operators to change feed lengths (from a point table) via the HMI which communicates to a MR-J4-40A1-RJ Servo Amplifier. I am not sure how to upload my point table from MR Configurator 2 into GT Designer 3. In production we have a Rockwell PLC that they want to communicate with this Mitsubishi system. So my question is, do I have to have a PLC for operators to pick their "recipes" (point table lengths) or can I just upload my point table in my HMI program and let the drive do the rest? Secondly, how do I upload my point table into my program if it is possible. First year apprentice trying to accomplish this task. Any help would be appreciated.