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  1. Hi All,I need a technical support regarding Wonderware In Touch alarm summary.We generated the high and low alarms for the transmitters in alarm summary.In Tagname dictionary,The alarm state is on. The alarm events are only logged the on status in alarm viewer control.The alarm state was off. The alarm events are only logged the off status in alarm viewer control.But in alarm DB viewer control,It generates both on and off alarm status in alarm summary. I need to show the only on status of the IO’s in alarm summary alarm db viewer control .How to filter the on status of the alarm summary in alarm Db viewer control. Herewith I have attached the image file for the alarm viewer and alarm Db viewer control for your reference.Our scope is to show only the On status in alarm dB viewer control with backup. Here I have attached the image file for the status of alarm summary. In that, two alarm present in that window. First alarm represents alarm DBviewer control. Second alarm represents alarm viewer control.Kindly guide me. Thanks, Loly
  2. It is very helpful. Thanks for your support.
  3. How to replace the selector block by using other operations. Kindly guide me. In that software does not contain move or copy options, then how to achieve the result. We don't know how to do the selection process. If the boolean input true-output selects second input and boolean input false-output selects first input...
  4. Hai, I need one standard formula for getting the result. Input = 12mA , Raw min=6241, Raw max=31206, Eng min=0, Eng max=100. If you have any queries let me know.
  5. Actually, I used to get the result by using the given formula, Out = In * ((EU_Max - EU_Min) ÷ (Raw_Max - Raw_Min)) - (Raw_Max * ((EU_Max - EU_Min) ÷ (Raw_Max - Raw_Min)) - EU_Max) For eg. In=12mA Eng min=0c Eng max=100c Raw min=4mA Raw max=20mA Out=50c It suits to get the above result. But the Raw value min (4mA)=6241 and Raw value max(20mA)=31206 instead of these the formula fails to get the result. So how to satisfy both the Raw value data by using the formula. Kindly guide me. I am waiting for your reply.
  6. Will you please elaborate on the steps. I have attached the selector block image for your reference. How is the selection operation is done by using math...kindly guide me as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply.
  7. 1. How to convert the engineering to raw values. 2. I need technical support regarding IsaGraf version 3.55. I did one sample program by using a selector block. However, the user-defined block supports only integers. How to get the result as real by using this block.