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  1. Data table op

    Hello What the program code should look like to be able to change the K variable, the one in the attached picture from the got1000 panel, TO ENTER the values 1,2,3,4 etc. Needed to select data from the Servo mr-j3-b parameter table. regards
  2. servo training

    Hello . Does anyone from the forum have such a program as on flimik, and he could share a program for f3x and the got1000 panel regards
  3. Fx3u-20ssc-h JOG 0-3000 rpm

      Maybe someone has a program with the ability to change the speed settings, after entering from a manual entry, and not from a table. I'd see how it is written. regards
  4. Fx3u-20ssc-h JOG 0-3000 rpm

    I wrote the last program with PDF, but how can I change it so that you can enter any value of the JOG speed. The engine only rotates at the speed stored in the FX -configurator. x004- ------------------m24   X axis JOG
  5. Fx3u-20ssc-h JOG 0-3000 rpm

    Good morning I have a question, how should a program for the F3xu driver - f3xu 20ssc-h be written. For controlling MR-j3-B servo in JOG mode, so that different JOG values can be entered from 0-3000 engine revolutions. He would ask for such a code for one axis, then in GT1055-QSBD I will give the value for the rotation of the servos, each separately. Regards . Radosław Różański