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  1. the speed ref is being sent to the VFD from a DA3605 or a DA3603 depending on the VFD
  2. Is it possible to give a physical proximity switch or photo eye input a value to change a vfd's speed. Speed up or slow down when it has been triggered. 
  3. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    did you get a chance to review the logic?
  4. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    sure thing. Here it is. I can also attach a few docs to help you understand what i am trying to accomplish if it will help. 1139_B_11_18_21_UPDATE.smc2
  5. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    Could you take a look at the code that I have so far?
  6. Reset a timers Elapsed time to 0

    what other type would you suggest. the end goal of this is to have a line either run for a set amount of time or to run until stop is pressed.
  7. Reset a timers Elapsed time to 0

    after the start  input has been and the estop input has been triggered, the output of the TOF timer still accumulates and fires output (10). disregard the MOV function i was testing to see if i could shove a (0) into the ET of the TOF timer to reset.  
  8. i have been attempting to reset a timing functions ET to zero with no such luck. I would like to stop the timers output from firing when an E-stop has been hit 
  9. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    yes essentially i will have three sections of conveyors. the first section will have 8 conveyors, each conveyor needs to have the ability to adjust their speeds individually. the second and third sections of conveyors will have 7 conveyors each. I will need to be able to adjust the speed of conveyor sections (2) and (3)  so we can achieve a sort of flow control within the factory.    
  10. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    This is what i have so far
  11. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    Is there anything special i need to do in order to integrate the speed reference function into a stop start circuit? or is there a way i can reference all motors that need adjustable speeds to the one function block?
  12. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    Thanks a lot for the info, we have the scale and real to int created exactly as you specified now ill have to go into the HMI program to create a data edit object and test out, i still do not have my analog output cards in stock yet.   Another question, we have standard stranded copper 20GA wiring going from our VFD's into our PLC output cards (when we get them) instead of a twisted shielded cable. will this be an issue if we are sending the output signal from the plc to the drive? we havent decided if we are going to use a 4-20ma signal or a 0-10v signal.
  13. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    apparently we have the analog output cards on order so thats what its going to end up being.
  14. How to control VFD speed Via HMI?

    the drives will be communicating to the PLC via the input and output terminal strip on the drives, its S1-S7 i believe. i just confirmed that we will not be using ethernet.  I would like the speed control to be in Hz to either speed up or slow down the motor.
  15. Hello, i am a novice when it comes to PLC programming so i was wondering if i could get some help designing a ladder circuit that allows me to control the speed of a motor connected to a VFD from my HMI. the components i am working with are as follows, NX1P2 omron PLC (with a few digital input & output cards), NA5-7 (V1) omron HMI, and a yaskawa GA500 VFD. Essentially i have a customer who would like to view and make adjustments the speed of a group of VFD's from their HMI located on the main control cabinet. I would like a little help designing the circuit within the controller (If at all possible) or maybe a bit of guidance as to the type of functions i can use to get the desired results.   any and all help is much appreciated, thanks