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  1. Hi, Currently Im working on R08CPU using GX Works3 1.066U and I installed a 16GB SD memory card. Where can I find the tool to format the SD card in GX Works3 ?   
  2. Currently I'm running on windows 10 Pro. I try to install the GX Work version 1.038Q  on another laptop with windows 7 professional, I manage to download the program and run the simulator :) so either windows 10 Pro compatibility issue or I mess up my windows 10 since I install too many programming tool on it.... ;P Anyway thank for your help Gambit !  
  3. I download "Parameter + Program", (which include System Parameter/CPU Parameter) and I initialize the data memory before I download. Is it because of some additional update patches that I need to install ? It seem that this auto generated SlibFbFile is required as CPU parameter, but the simulator can't detect it....      
  4. Hi Gambit,   Thank for the prompt reply, I try to delete SlibFbFile it from the "FB/FUN File Setting" under CPU Parameter. But each time I perform a  "Rebuild All", the SlibFbFile will recreate in "FB/FUN File Setting".  The problem still persist...
  5. Hi, I'm currently using GX Works3 ( version 1.038Q) simulator for function block logic testing, the program is written in ST and PLC configured as R08 CPU. I encounter an error code 21A0 (file specification error), which is cause by this file named SlibFBFile. It seem that this file is auto generated in FB/FUN Setting under CPU parameter. Anyone here in the forum encounter the same issue? thank !!