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  1. Siemens

    I work maintenance and use Mitsubishi plc and Siemens. Why is Siemens PLC so complicated compared to Mitsubishi?
  2. M Bits in GXWorks 2 with SFC

    Check Device List to ensure its not being used somewhere else.  CTRL + D
  3. Processing in Process

    GX Works 2 Version 1.597X
  4. Processing in Process

    Went to hook up to a plc (Q26UDVCPU using gx works 2) and I was able to establish communication with the plc in connection destination however when I went to read from plc, this message would appear and it would never read from plc. Half an hour later, I attempted to read from the plc and I was able to. Is this message saying that another person was hooked up to this plc (wireless) and preventing me from hooking up and reading it?  
  5. Fanuc Robot Point Touch-Up

    Is there a way to see the position of a point.  The situation is I'm currently on assignment (as maintenance) in a plant that failed to use Position Registers and instead used Points ex p4 instead of pr4. I will probably have to touch up one of the points, and have only touch up position register not an actual point. The biggest issue is that I can't simply move to the desired point and press touch-up. because it is setting the part down on a c/v that is moving and its setting a lawn mower engine on it so there is a hole that the crankshaft has to set in. If it was a position register I would just click position for that position register then change y axis from 180 to 181 (or whatever that is just an example), but since it isn't a position register. So i'm not 100% sure on the best way to adjust it.  
  6. Gx Works 2 Structured Text

    Using a timer in GX works 3 Structured text makes perfect sense now, but using it in GX Works 2 is different.  How does it work in GX Works 2
  7. Gx Works 2 Structured Text

    I am trying to learn to write structured text using GX Works 1.597x in my spare time . I can't find much information on how to write timers in the logic using structured text. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good descriptive manuals, or some sample code using timers. I have looked through numerous manuals and haven't found any good information on timers. I work maintenace and none of my equipment uses structured text, so I currently have no reason to learn it other than just for fun, so constantly reading manuals and learning the same information from every manual and yet not finding a single piece of information containing to timers in ST is getting really annoying and discouraging to learning the new language. Thanks in advance
  8. Table of Special Registers and Special Relays

    Mitsubishi being the greatest plc provider has that information built into the gx works software.   Open the gx works Help Tab- GX Works 2 Help.....-Special Relay/Register Help- Q-series plc Help- then you will have information for every single sm/sd. 
  9. Project Tab-  Change PLC Type.... - then it will bring you to a screen to change the controller type
  10. Structred Labels for Designer?

    When bringing labels from GX Works to GT Designer, I have always done the following and have never had an issue. In GX Works 2 Right Click on the global label tab in PLC Navigation Tab then click "Write to CSV File". Then go to GT Designer and Export the empty Label Group  Then Copy and Paste the information from the PLC File to the GOT File (Copy it over one Column at a time and paste it in the corresponding column) Then go back to GT Designer and import that file
  11. Fanuc AIF01A PLC Software

    Currently on assignment in a plant and they have a Fanuc PLC CPU = AIF01A that controls a conveyors and a Loader System. What software would I need to make a change to the plc?
  12. Just some advise, Don't be an a-hole to the people that are trying to help you. Just because you don't understand what you are talking about doesn't give you the right the be an a-hole to the people actually trying to help you out.   Thanks  
  13. I am wanting to add a CC-Link IE Control Diagnostic page to the HMI in order to help with basic troubleshooting. I know that there is a template for CC-Link Diagnostic in the GOT-2000 Library so I was wondering if there was a prebuild template online somewhere for CC-Link IE Control.    Thanks
  14. I am wanting to add a CC-Link IE Control Diagnostic page to the HMI in order to help with basic troubleshooting. I know that there is a template for CC-Link Diagnostic in the GOT-2000 Library so I was wondering if there was a prebuild template online somewhere for CC-Link IE Control.    Thanks
  15. yokogawa factory ace plc

    Does anybody know what software is used to hook up to yokogawa  factory ace plc? My company requires all machine builder to have machine controller by Mitsubishi PLC. However purchasing approved a machine that is controlled by yokogawa factory ace plc and has a Mitsubishi plc in there for show. So we need a way to view ladder and configuration for positioning module.   
  16. WS0 Safety PLC Cable

    Does anybody know the part number for a 4 pin cable needed to hook up to a Mitsubishi WS0 Safety PLC. Not having any luck finding any information online.
  17. YASKAWA v1000 plc

    Over the past couple months we have had 5 Yaskawa v1000 CIMR-VU2A0002FAA VFD go bad. While this is only a small fraction of how many we have its still alot to go bad when the line is only 8 years old.  They got a ol1 fault. Investigate, find no issues with the motor and wiring. Replace the vfd and the problem goes away for good.  Is something causing these vfd to go bad or did Yaskawa simply produce bad vfd 8 years ago.  Only experience with VFD is Mitsubishi VFD and they seem to last forever.  Background information.  208 v 3 phase (Input and Output) Used to power 2 foot section of conveyor moving engine heads.  Motor= Baldor IDGMP2503
  18. Slow Dell Laptop

    My current work laptop is and Dell Inspiron 15 3000. It is super slow, and I am unable to upgrade the laptop (Due to the company), but I can upgrade its cpu/ hardwire. The Processor & Memory:10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 Processor 1.0GHz12GB DDR4 2666MHz RAMDrives:1TB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive. I wanted to upgrade the cpu to something that is faster than a 1.0 GHZ and while the company is giving me money I don't want to halfass and upgrade on it. What CPU is compatible with my laptop and can handle all the different software that I attempt to run? 
  19. Got 2000 GT2715-xtb

    I want to write logic in my plc (q03ude) to turn on the buzzer/horn (whatever you would like to call it). That is built in the GOT. Is there a special register todo so. If so what is it and how do I find the list of special registers
  20. Got 2000 GT2715-xtb

  21. PLC to PLC

    If I remember correctly, I was told by a Mitsubishi rep. that Q03UDE plc cannot communicate with each other unless one of them has an additional Ethernet module. So either you need to add an ethernet module to one of the plc racks, or upgrade plc. I believe Q03UDV is capable. I would contact a Mitsubishi rep for confirmation on that. Best of Luck
  22. Weekly Timer

    Is that the same as q series plc as well?
  23. Wanting to know if you could set a Mitsubishi Fx PLC to energize an output and/or coil at a specific time? Looking to automatically start a process when 5am hits. 
  24. Specific Time to energize an output

    Yea because there is definitely not a way to reset a latch. 
  25. Specific Time to energize an output

    Looking to set a latch at 5am every morning to start a process Fx3u.