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  1. Using External encoder with Omron Servo

    That's very smart approach, never thought about that before. Well, the only reason to get an external encoder was to overcome any mechanical slippage in the system (it is a belt mechanism driven by servo which pushes the part forward by friction). I better get the design changed and get G5 series drive for full closed loop. Thanks everyone for your support!!!!!!!
  2. Using External encoder with Omron Servo

    @Crossbow  Hmm.... But I think I'll limited to only Jog commands. won't be able to use Move commands with this setup.
  3. Using External encoder with Omron Servo

    Actually, I have 1S series drive.
  4. Hi there I am working on a project where Omron servo drags a part to a certain position using belt mechanism, But to avoid any slippage we decided to put an external encoder directly on the part. I was wondering what is the best to approach to drive the servo using the position of this external encoder. Is there any way that it can be configured directly with the servo? I am fairly new to coordinated motions, any help will be appreciated. Thanks