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  1. NX1P2 Serial Send ErrorID 0C0C

    SlotNo: 1 IPAdr[0]:00 IPAdr[1]:00 IPAdr[2]:00 IPAdr[3]:00 IPAdr[4]:00
  2. NX1P2 Serial Send ErrorID 0C0C

    Here's a pic of the watch tab when online  
  3. NX1P2 Serial Send ErrorID 0C0C

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I had already considered it beforehand and the error still appears.
  4. Hey guys! I recently started working with the Omron NX1P2 and I tried setting physical buttons on it that trigger a NX_SerialSend, however when I checked via a quick Python code I noticed that the SerialSend function wasn´t being excecuted correctly. I am using the NX1W-CIF001 to connect the PLC to a computer where the Python code is running. I also noticed that the NX_SerialSend function had a 0C0C error. Does anybody have a clue as to what am I doing wrong or some possible tips?