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  1. Alternative Servo Drives

    The only similar drives to the ones we need are hugely over spec and about twice the price from Routeco and are still weeks away from delivery. We've got tens of thousands of ponds of machinery sat there waiting for mostly electrical parts at the moment. One drive was promised at the beginning of September after being ordered 3 months ago, and it's just been pushed back to the end of October at least now. 
  2. Alternative Servo Drives

    Thank you, funnily enough I've had a Teams chat with Kollmorgen as they also have the AOI for Rockwell. 
  3. Alternative Servo Drives

    Unfortunately, we can't use VSDs for the system, they are all servo drives as we work with less than 0.5mm tolerances on movement.
  4. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat with supply issues and elongating lead times with the Logix 5500 and 5700 servo drives. Are there any decent alternatives that are easily integrated into a 5380 controlled system, maybe with an AOI? I've looked at Beckoff and Parker systems, but Parker only seem to line CoDeSys as far as I can tell. Do any of you clever clogs have any suggestions for a well stocked alternative? As a side note, I'm not new to PLC programming, but I am only 6 months in to using motion and servo systems so be kind :)