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  1. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    Thanks, yes all ok now. It turned out to be a power supply problem, not the PLC!.
  2. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    Thanks, have done a rest, but still stopped. I've now found a problem with a failed backup battery which could be stopping the program from running. Will update here when I know more!
  3. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    Thanks, I'm getting to learn this! It's also confusing that some logic is inverted - for example the documentation names an input as "Barrier loss" but it actually means Battery OK". Agree that Y0 is only a function of inputs. I now think it should be on if everything is OK. I also think we have an error signal from a battery charger which is also an input to the PLC - photo attached.I will debug that next.
  4. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    Thanks @Ron_S. That PLC output is described in the so-called documentation for the machine as PLC fault - I suppose the program just gave up! Anyway, I will tackle GX Works 2 next. Not sure where/how to get this - I've seen some high prices but someone told me it's also shareware. Any advice on getting it please?
  5. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    Please see photo of front panel. Does anything look obvious? I'll now go and get the manual from Mr G.
  6. Looking for help with an FX3 fault

    Thanks Bob, I'll follow your steps and report back if needed. Rob
  7. I volunteer for a charity and have the remit to look after a piece of heavy equipment that's controlled by an FX3 series PLC. Long term I need to understand how to reprogram it, but in the short term we have a problem: the PLC is displaying  a light on its "PLC fault" output. It has previously suffered from intermittent faults. Is this something that an inexperienced engineer (me) could attempt? I have limited documentation, including a E1032 installation manual (operator terminal). I'd appreciate any help!