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  1. Hi BobLfoot, thank you for your feedback, I hope I could provide a little more detail in my answer to Crossbow, if not feel free to ask more questions. I am not a networking expert myself so please excuse me if I am not 100% versed in the details of networking and the industry itself.  The 200€ is for one interview that will take place online over the duration of a maximum of 2 hours. I get that this might not be the exact same amount of money an US Automation Engineer would bill for that amount of time, but as this is a one-time interview and you will not have to prepare anything just bring your opinions and experiences this is the amount of money we can offer to compensate for that time spent.  I am happy to provide further answers, so feel free to ask! :)   
  2. Hi Crossbow, I am talking about all kind of automation/industrial networks that encompass devices like industrial switches, routers, etc. I know that this is a broad field, but we are looking for engineers, technicians, network designers, etc. no matter the sector to get a broader overview about how industrial networks are planned, installed, maintained, etc. We are more interested in the way you work than in the specifics of the individual network :) 
  3. Are you working with networks for automation – and operational technology? Are you involved in planning, commissioning or maintaining industrial networks? We are looking for experts for operational technology networks like you for an online interview. We want to understand, how you work, what steps you take while working with your network/s and what you need to work well. The remote interview is going to take around 120 minutes and should take place between 09/14 and 09/30. For your time expenditure you will get a compensation of 200€. The interview will take place online via Zoom or Teams. We are counting on your support as an expert. If you are interested I am looking forward to your response, either via this forum or via eMail to j.walter@custom-interactions.com Let me know if you have any further questions! :)