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  1. Hi Expert, Thank you for your advices. Yes, I need to connect to the module direectly or the smoke/heat detector directly to HMI. Anyone can suggest a gateway hardware or anything? Is it possible? Have a nice day for you all. Best regards Steve
  2. Hi All, Good day, Anyone have ever link the Edward Fire Alarm Smoke detector module SIGA-CT1 to Any SCADA Software? Seem It use RS485 link, what the protocol is? Thanks in advance... Best regards, Steve
  3. Hi All, Good day. Anyone have experiences with control Omron PLC Analog output to drive an Inverter (0-10VDC) and using the feedback RPM sensor to Analog Input 4-20mA PLC as to reach the Setting Value? Please advice. Have a nice day. Thanks & best regards, Steve
  4. How to get the not fluxtuate Analog Input

    Hi All, Anyone have experiences in get data to (Digital Display show RPM with 4-20mA) to the Analog Input PLC CJ1W-AD041? How to read the stabil analog data at Ladder diagram? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Steve
  5. Flowmeter application with Omron CS1W-CT021

    Hi All, Anybody ever use Omron CS1W-CT021 with Flowmeter application? Thanks
  6. Dear All, Anyone have experience in using Q series PLC and Eternet module QJ71E71-100 to link to a PC with HMI software. How to set basic ethernet setting of QJ71E71-100 in the GX Developer v8.0 to able to link to PC? Thank you in advance, Steve
  7. FX2N-128MT and FX2N-128MT ES/UL

    Dear All, Thanks a lot for all your information. Best regards, Steve
  8. FX2N-128MT and FX2N-128MT ES/UL

    Hi All, Anyone can suggest as below: We have existing plc FX2N128MT ES/UL which have some fail i/o. We would like to replace it. Unfortunately we have buy a FX2N-128 MT wihout ES/UL (maybe Japanse standard). The old connection is: s/s is connected to 0v. When we replace it to it, can not work. Is there anything we can do to make it work? Thank you
  9. OMRON Redundant CS1D PLC

    Dear All, Anyone in USA that have been using Redundant CS1D series can help to inform if the PLC CS1D series is manufacture by OMRON factory in USA (made in USA) or by China? Thank you for your help. Best regards, Steve
  10. Control Logic 1756

    Hi Jimdi4, Thank for your reply. All FT VIEW soft above is for development or runtime used? 30 display means 30 tagname?
  11. Dear All, Anyone could advice what is the HMI software, ladder programming soft, etc that I need to have to make one HMI engineering pc and one HMI for operator pc where connected to 1756-ENBT (redundant chassis) plc 1756-L61. The i/o chassis is 1756-A10 with 8 DI/DO module. The module on the redundant chassis is 1756-SRM, 1756-CNBR, and 1756-ENBT. Thanks a lot.
  12. Dear All, Anybody have experience in upload ladder logic from Hitachi PLC Model: CPM-E CPU? What is the interface I need to upload the ladder program inside Hitachi CPM-E CPU? Thanks & best regards, Steve
  13. Hi Friends.... Thank you for every information from you all. I have follow all your instructions. I have test with the notebook with USB port, but it cannot communicate with the PLC. But, I have try to find a pc with serial port, and test last week. It work's well. Thank you all for your great job! Best regards, Steve
  14. Hi.... Yes, I am usin the 1747PIC interface. Can you help? I attach the print screen, pls advice if something wrong. Best regards, steveab.rar
  15. Dear All, Anybody experience in communicate / link between computer and the SLC5/01 CPU 1747-L511? I have install the RSLOGIX and the RSLINK, but don't know what is driver name use for such cpu. Should I set the device and station no? When I press auto configure, the result is error. I need to upload the ladder from the cpu, but seem computer & cpu cannot communicate. Thanks & best regards, Steve